I'm an integrative energy healer guiding adults into the full expression of their potential--

supporting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.   

Our energy body--the subtle energy in and around our physical body--

is intimately connected to all aspects of our wellbeing.  

I am certified in Brennan Healing Science and extensively trained with over 7 years experience

working with energy consciousness--bringing to light the unconscious, reinforcing one's unique genius,

and supporting the entire process of transformation.  

Energy healing work specifically clears, aligns, restructures, charges and balances

the human energy field in support of the body's innate healing capacity, pure potential and natural expression.

Energy healing work supports you:

during a life transition,

facing a health challenge,

experiencing difficult circumstances,

before and after medical procedures and surgery,

bringing creative expression forth,

connecting to deep seated longings, 

and enhancing relationships.


Energy healing works well in conjunction with other healing modalities and traditional medicine.  

Energy healing is great preventative care-- attuning you to issues in your subtle energy body

before manifesting physically.  Likewise, energy healing helps you

tune into what you do desire for your life and bring it into tangible form.    

Each session is unique and intuitively unfolds in support of your specific needs. Sessions often incorporate sound-- 

crystal bowls, tuning forks, and vocal toning and chanting.


Sessions are 50 minutes over the phone or Zoom.