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Relax back and allow yourself to receive the flow of vital life force energy throughout your body.  Integrative energy healing sessions restore your vibrancy and bring renewed energy to those places most in need.  Specific physical, mental and emotional stressors are addressed in sessions customized uniquely for you. Fifty-minute sessions over the phone or Zoom bring you balance, rest, and insight. Single sessions as well as longer-term consecutive sessions and support are available.  
Schedule a complimentary call to discuss the ways energy healing can support your particular needs.

"Through energy healing, MaryJoe has helped me discover a way of approaching health that both complements and transcends my ideas about conventional medicine.  In our sessions I’ve learned that energy is fundamentally connected to and works on the physical body.  Over the past several months I’ve experienced dramatic improvements in overall health, including increased physical and mental energy, better sleep, improved diet and pain management, and positive changes in my work and relationships.   I’ve also discovered new ways of taking responsibility for my own health, as MaryJoe has taught me that healing continues beyond the session and that I can bring energy medicine to my everyday experience on my own.  MaryJoe is a rare, wise-knowing-kindhearted soul who has helped me change my life."

In the over twenty years I’ve experienced, trained in and facilitated energy work, MaryJoe is the  first and only practitioner to have immediately perceived two core unharmonious subtle energy aspects that had been a lifelong influence.


MaryJoe has this unique way of combining both her strong intuitive skills and down-to-earth energy that automatically make me feel safe and allow deep and rich healing to occur.  She is very creative and always comes up with ingenious insights that allow me to have a new perspective.


MaryJoe is one of the most insightful healers I have ever encountered.  Our sessions led me to powerful healings after I had lost my parents and was deeply grieving.  She has also walked alongside me as I healed my body from illness, left a relationship and found new ways to parent my daughter.




MaryJoe is an insightful and compassionate healing artist who accompanies clients through life’s challenges.  Through deep listening, a strong grounded presence, and intuitive tracking skills of the subtle energy body, she facilities clients’ awareness and connection to their own innate wisdom. 

Life transitions, health challenges, relationship issues, pre and post medical procedures and surgery are some situations in which she supports clients with energy healing work.  In addition, she is passionate about connecting clients to their deep seated longings and bringing their creative expression forth. 

Her integrative healing work intuitively unfolds in service of the clients’ particular needs and draws upon extensive training and eight years experience.  She is a certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (4 year personal transformation and hands-on-healing diploma), Reiki Master, and Sound Healer.  She’s trained in Medical QiGong, shamanism, and body-centered depth psychology.  She’s currently in her second year of training in The Constellation Approach— an experiential and guided process facilitating pathways toward peace with a particular issue or relationship.

Prior to her healing practice, MaryJoe worked in marketing communications for corporate and private foundations for 15 years. She holds a M.A. in International Communication & Peace and Conflict Resolution and a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology.

Dance, poetry, and silent walks in the woods continually inspire her as well as studying the lives of mystics.  She has photographed over a thousand heart-shaped things found among her everyday life and many walks in nature.  

MaryJoe is based in Allendale, NJ and currently offers private 1:1 energy healing sessions over the phone and Zoom.  Schedule a complimentary call to discuss the ways energy healing can support your particular needs.

MaryJoe listens to your hurts and sorrows not just with her ears, but with her heart, and then, with a quiet, irresistible gentleness that characterized all her sessions, she traces the trauma to its roots and releases it.  You feel held and heard, in every way.


MaryJoe is intuitive, kind, soothing, and really knows how to tune in! I have been having lots of digestive issues, among other things,  went to multiple appointments and did various one knew what was wrong. I felt helpless.  MaryJoe was very gentle, she worked with me and helped me through this. I finally feel like I have answers and a direction.   I feel heard, I feel supported, and I feel there is hope to get better once and for all


I have been working professionally in the healing arts for over 20 years and have been ‘receiving’ across energetic therapeutic disciplines for a quarter of a century.
MaryJoe is what I would call ‘a master’. If you want deep healing, profound holding, clear insight, and long term support for achieving your soul’s goals. 


MaryJoe is direct and confident —her patience and compassion are a great combination providing profound and meaningful experiences each session.


MaryJoe’s level of embodiment is deeply grounding and supportive, and her ability to access and hold space for all the feelings I brought forth was immensely healing for me.


I have had a long distance healing from MaryJoe and it felt like she was there!  I felt so much more centered, calmer and relaxed.  And I felt joy! The insight she shared was spot-on.


In a session with MaryJoe I felt surrounded in divine, loving and healing presence. I felt secure and deeply received tenderness, gentle energy, the transcendental power of MaryJoe's authentic heart.



Our energy body—the subtle energy in and around our physical body—is intimately connected to all aspects of our wellbeing.  MaryJoe intuitively attunes to your field identifying what’s in motion and what is a calling for more attention and movement.  Her work includes clearing, aligning, restructuring, charging, and balancing the human energy field—supporting the body's innate healing capacity, pure potential and natural expression. She works with you to bring to light the unconscious, reinforce ones unique body of genius, and support your entire process of transformation. Each session is unique and intuitively unfolds in support of your specific needs.  Sessions are fifty minutes over the phone or Zoom.   Schedule a complimentary call to discuss how energy healing may support your needs.


The way MaryJoe brings all of herself to her work, her openness and her authentic connection, brought me a much needed sense of safety.  I hold so much gratitude for her, as she has inspired me in ways I cannot describe.


MaryJoe's work is impeccable. Her gentle yet profoundly effective distance facilitation of accurate intuitive assessment and palpable subtle energy work successfully initiated positive change in my life.


MaryJoe is a truly gifted strong intuitive healer. The soundings threw her voice really moved and worked threw me.  Her medicine is very gentle yet at the same time penetratingly deep.


I thank MaryJoe from the bottom of my expanded heart for the life changing gift of her healing touch.


MaryJoe took me through the healing process feeling incredibly supported and loved.


MaryJoe is a person of integrity and an impeccable and strong healer.


When I receive a healing from MaryJoe I feel like I’ve been basking in a sea of love.


After many years of exploring healing modalities, I have come to understand that the healing tool isn’t nearly as important as the person who wields it.  If you are a healer, you will heal, regardless of the tool.  MaryJoe is a healer.


I felt touched by MaryJoe's listening & sincere benevolent contact.  Her unique charisma is a skillful mix of earthly and celestial qualities. I loved to be bathed in the sound of her voice.  The unconditional love of her liberated & happy heart inspired me & helped me participate in my own healing.  Her strong healing intention encouraged me to give the best of myself.


MaryJoe is a skilled healer with deep compassion, love and wisdom.  She offered me deep listening in a non-judgmental and safe space.  She is patient, allowing for my longings to break through when I am stuck. I feel comfortable to completely be myself with MaryJoe, in all my imperfections and defenses.


When I have a session with MaryJoe I feel like my head is more in sync with the rest of me, and the things about myself that I can’t fix for myself are fixed.  I also gain insight about myself from the follow-up conversations we have at the end of each session.


MaryJoe's ability to be in her essence invites my essence forward to be seen effortlessly.  She has incredible compassion and a deep sense of presence.



I began working with MaryJoe while I was going through a major life transition (a family move and a career adjustment). We have since worked together over a dozen times over the course of a year and from the first session I experienced immediate deep personal benefit on all levels (body, mind, and spirit).  Since the move, I have been working with MaryJoe with long distance healing sessions. This has been my first experience with ‘long distance’ and I found it equally as helpful as her ‘in person’ sessions.


MaryJoe has  helped me to go deep inside, to welcome negative emotions and fears that rise to the surface in times of crisis.  The session helped to reveal my authenticity and my infinity; recognize these difficulties as initiations, trials to reveal, grow & surpass myself; stop turning my gaze outside; accept imperfections & limitations with love; create relationships based on love and respect reflecting my enlightened divinity. I felt accepted.  I thank her for her sacred human heart that stayed with me and helped guide my way to my authentic self.


MaryJoe is an old soul who works with intuition and perception to intervene with what has been, what is and with what is becoming manifested in the human energy field.  On occasion she has worked with sound during the healings she has provided me and I get chills recollecting how nurtured and nourished I felt when she had completed those sessions. MaryJoe also channels while working and though I have not always understood her words in the moment, in retrospect they have made great sense.


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