I'm an integrative energy healer 

offering phone sessions

of energy and sound healing work

to deepen the connection

to the wisdom inherent in you.  

I work with those who are ready

to embrace the truth of their life and commit

to the process of coming into fuller coherency with themselves.

I believe that healing takes place in relation to each other. 

As we embrace our wholeness

we allow the force of life its natural expression uniquely through us--creating health in all aspects of our life.

textured old paper background with cow p

Come, come with me

Honor me with the opportunity

to hold, guide and accompany you

As you traverse the wilds of your soul

While the work is completely, uniquely your own, 

there is a path 

and it’s not done alone

Come, come with me

I’m here to be with you

To witness, reflect, and to interject

What you already know

From the depths of your soul

Come, come with me

I provide support and structure

As you uncover and allow

Your souls’ song to ring true

Through the mysteries of this life

In all its messy majesty


As you are


We heal

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©2019 by MaryJoe

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